10 alternatives to cigarettes

Having kicked the habit numerous times only to return to it, I have now hopefully severed my ties with smoking for good. Here are 10 alternatives to smoking some of which I’ve tried and others I wo…

Alcohol free beer – What’s the point?

What’s the point in alcohol free beer? With more and more adults cutting down their alcohol intake in the UK, could alcohol free beer be the answer for a healthier, more sober life?

how to drink less
5 things I do to stay on the wagon -or how to drink less

Some of the more simple ways I have found which have helped me stop drinking and stay on the sober wagon over the last few months If you have read any of my other posts you will maybe have come across…

person covered with gray blanket
Why does alcohol make you tired?

Finish work early and settle in for an afternoon session in a beer garden or COVID friendly garden party only to start falling asleep in your pint by dinner time? It may be that you have been working …

Sober Money – March 2021 portfolio update

Monthly investment update on my sober money portfolio and my investing strategy. Having gone sober and smoke free I am doing my best to grow my wealth and step out on the road to financial freedom

Is alcohol giving me moobs? – high odds its a YES

Without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing side effects that can be caused by heavy drinking and the bain of over 40% of UK males lives are moobs. It is so prolific in society that the Oxford Engli…

How I’m reaping the benefits of waking up early

Falling into bed and drifting into an alcohol induced state of sleep coma, followed by waking up feeling drained, lathargic with zero lustre for leaving my bed. This was pretty much standard for me du…

Sober Money – Using your well gotten gains to increase your wealth

With all the free cash you will have by no longer spending it on alcohol, here are a few ways to invest your cash and grow your wealth

Welcome to my evolving dad blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, journey, ramblings or big pile of poo, whatever you would like to call it. I probably should have started the site with a ‘hi this is me and my blog post’ but at the …

When is Mother’s Day again? – Easy ways to make the day special for your wife

Having been reminded by my daughter that Mother’s Day isn’t the end of the month I’ve had to speed up my preparations for the day. Simple hacks to make her day special without spending a fortun…

Alcohol – Turning my back on the booze

Alcohol was my best friend since adolescence, always there to offer a crutch and a way to mask my problems and misgivings. Giving up alcohol was life changing for me and my family and surprisingly eas…

Nicotine pouch review – no more long stands in the rain

Exploring tobacco free nicotine pouches the latest and maybe most promising smoking cessation product available in the UK. Could this be the end of cigarettes in the UK?

evolving dad

Recently reformed heavy drinking, chain smoking, generally unfit father and husband who has discovered that slow steady positive changes to the way you live your life can make dramatic changes to your happiness and those around you. I am now on a personal mission to improve my health, fitness and finances sharing and documenting my efforts on this blog.


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